Pink Sign Rental Agreement
1) Pink Rental Sign must be paid for before or at the time of the delivery, unless prior
arrangements have been agreed upon.

2) Customers are responsible for all permits if needed in their town or city.

3) Signs are not to be moved by renter after delivery unless informed off sign needing moved.

4) Signs must be set on renters private property, have permission from land owner, or
property manager.

5) Sign can not be put in a right of way or in a unsafe location.

6) Sign can not been altered after being delivered.

7) Sign can not have anything else attached to it.

8) No Refunds will be given once a Pink Sign has been delivered.

9) Renter needs to have a spot designated and verified for sign.

10)  Renter needs to decide how long they need and are allowed to have a portable sign.